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about Our Department PHotos

We all realize how impossible it is to get the ENTIRE department together at the same time for a department photo.

My dept photos are done differently - there is no need to get everyone at the station all at once!

All weekend long

We come to your station for an entire weekend - Saturday & Sunday, 7 hours each day! If a third day is needed due to shift schedules, that can accomodated as well!

No Appointments
Drop In

Show up at any time

No appointments necessary for pictures to be taken! The members of the department can show up at their own discretion whenever their weekend schedule allows!

In & Out in 10-15 minutes

It takes longer to get geared up (or dressed in Class A/B uniforms) than to get the picture taken! We like to get everyone in & out as quickly as possible so they can resume with their day.


Whether you have a specific weekend in mind, or just want to see when I'm available, check out my calendar below.

*availability is subject to change at any time
*Due to high demand, sessions are officially booked upon half or full payment of invoice

(Use blue arrows below to change months)



Map of Departments

Below is a map showing all the departments with Jim O'Photo dept photos hanging up in their station(s)!

Dept Map

Contact Us

Have questions? Interested in a quote? Please don't hesitate to reach out!

Mebane, NC (But I travel to you!)

Phone: (919) 442-8797

Email: Jim@JimOPhoto.com