Jim O'Sullivan Photography | Fire Departments

Getting everyone in your department together, at ONE TIME, for a dept photo - IMPOSSIBLE!
However, our Dept photos are done differently! Here's the magic: The majority of the firefighters in each dept's photo were NOT all there at the same time! That's right, these DO NOT require your firefighters to show up at the station at the same time!!! On average, these photos are compose of 20-25 separate photos stitched together


This is your opportunity to get YOUR dept photo created with a FULL ROSTER of your dept's membership!! Contact me and let's do this!
(PS - my business logo will NOT appear on your print ;) It's just on there as it's an image on my website)
Stoney Point Dept PhotoFJohnson2017-EditSPFD Board DirectorsSPFD Aux MembersLandis Dept CompositeSaluda 2017 compositeSaluda headshotsSaluda Chiefs CompositeSaluda Shifts CompositeNHFD 2017 Composite20yrFFs-2New Hope Board CompositeNew Hope Officers CompositeWarsaw 2017 CompositeLake Toxaway - onlineProspect 2016Pembroke 2016