If you haven't read my "About Me" section yet, you'll learn that I've been a volunteer firefighter since 1997.  So these firefighter portraits are very near & dear to my heart.  By serving in the fire service, my experience & knowledge plays a huge role in being able to capture the passion you have for firefighting within an image.

Custom firefighter portraits by Jim O’Sullivan Photography captures the passion you have for firefighting, with a one-of-a-kind feel to them.  With the hard work & dedication you put into the job, you and your family deserve unique pieces of artwork hanging on your walls to reflect this and to treasure for a lifetime.  With a variety of finishes, you'll be sure to have portraits which last for generations.  The most popular finish for our firefighter portraits is the Metal Print.  The ink is infused into the surface of a piece of aluminum, resulting in bright & vibrant images, and have an ultra-hard scratch resistant coating.  These are prints you really need to see with your own eyes to appreciate!


Individual Firefighter Portrait Sessions

North Carolina NC Firefighter Fire Department Photographer Chapel Hill Durham Burlington pictures-20121017-MurphyT-03North Carolina NC Firefighter Fire Department Photographer Chapel Hill Durham Burlington pictures-20121017-MurphyT-03

Our individual firefighter portrait sessions are custom tailored to each firefighter.  This is your opportunity to get rugged, edgy & awesome portraits created that you'll be bragging about for all of time!  And these also make one-of-a-kind keepsake images for your entire family.  What parent wouldn't be proud of their child serving the community, and be even more proud to show that off in their home?!

We hold your session right at your own firehouse to keep everything about the portrait authentic & true to you.  We'll have the trucks you ride, the tools you use, and the gear you wear all within your images.  Your custom session will take 1.5-2 hours (trust me...it goes by FAST!), during which time we'll knock out some awesome work!  If there's anything specific you'd like to do for the session, by all means, please tell me!

For more details & information, please contact me!


Fire Sessions

Chapel Hill Durham Burlington Firefighter Fire Department Photographer pictures-MFD Fire session-22Chapel Hill Durham Burlington Firefighter Fire Department Photographer pictures-MFD Fire session-22


What kind of firefighter portrait session would it be if FIRE wasn't involved??!  That's right....actual flames used while creating your portrait!  This is a completely safe session with no risk of getting burned or otherwise harmed.

To further enhance these images, they are available as metal prints only.  These are extremely unique prints in that the dyes for the image are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. And since the image is infused into the surface and not on it, your fire session image will take on an almost magical luminescence.  Colors are vibrant, luminescence is breathtaking, and detail and resolution are unsurpassed.

Our fire sessions are a FREE add-on session to your personal portrait session if you'd like one.  A session fee is only charged if these are done outside of a personal portrait session - such as after a department or group/shift portrait or as a session by itself.