Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read this page about me. I'm sure like you, I like to know a little bit about the person that I'll be letting into my life and inviting into my home to take my family portraits! So, you won't be reading about my passion for photography or anything like that. Instead, I'll be giving you a glimpse into my life to let you learn a little about me....cause that's what matters!

I'll start off and ask you "where can you find a firefighting-bull riding-sky diving-line dancing photographer?!" I promise you...you'll be hard pressed to find one! Oh...wait a second....you just did! Congrats!! Just don't ask me to do all three of those at the same time ;-)

Well, first off, I'm a dad to two awesome kids - my lil' man Aiden & my lil' girl Izzy. I can't begin to describe what a trip it's been having these kids in my & my wife's life! I never, ever imagined the joy & awesome experience raising little ones! Their mommy's name is Jess, and we've been married since Nov. 2007. We're both originally from New York, and moved to NC in 2008. Yup...we're Yankee transplants ;) We also have a young & energetic Chocolate Lab/Aussie Shephard mix named Sadie.

I've been a volunteer firefighter here in NC with the Mebane Fire Department since 2009, but I also volunteered back home in NY with the Goshen Fire Department since 1997. I love, love, love outdoor activities too! Hiking, Camping (preferably tent), mountain biking....you name it, I'm game for it! Music....I enjoy all types of it! Mostly Rock, Dance & House/Techno, 80's/90's, and even Country music! Jess & I actually met while country line dancing at a country bar! Yup....Country Line Dancing. In New York. Picture that!

There's also nothing like that rush of adrenaline that makes you feel alive! The two biggest thrills I've done are tandem skydiving and bull riding. Yes...you read that correct...your photographer was strapped to the backs of real 1900+lb bucking bulls! 7 of them in fact! And I managed to stay on for 5.5 seconds as my longest ride too! I'm still trying to figure out what can top those for my next adventure!

If you haven't noticed, I like to crack jokes ;) If we can't laugh with another, how in the world am I going to get you to act relaxed & casual in front of camera?! Overall, I just like to have a good time & enjoy life!

And on serious note, I take your session with all seriousness. We are out to capture those important family moments, but we'll also have a great time working together. And the quality of art you'll receive from me will be like none other. I put 110% of myself into your investment, and you'll get every penny's worth from me.

So, now that you've got a pretty good idea as to who I am, you'll be contacting me to schedule your free consultation to discuss the type of session you want & what you want to get out of it, right?! Ok...good!...I figured you would!

Looking forward to working with you & your family!
- Jim